Nov 28 2012

Turkey Time Heroes

Tongue Out  I hope all my heroic readers had a chance to relax and enjoy some turkey last week. Kat and I had a very good time (for a change). We went to an independent restaurant (not part of a chain or corporation) and the food was excellent. The service was even better! The waiters time every course of the meal perfectly (did they read our minds?). I also noticed that Kat was willing to join the conversation more. I think it helped Kat when she was able to meet with her a cousin and her dog that Kat has not talked to for about 7 years (yes, this includes the dog). We discussed the myths surrounding bull dogs. This dog was very sweet and lovable despite her massive muscles. Also, while talking outside we all helped a woman who was abandoned by her boyfriend from getting into trouble. The presence of Kat’s cousin’s dog helped, and it was cold for Florida that night so another cousin gave the woman his coat and offered her a ride home. She was very thankful for all our assistance. This time I was with a group of heroes! Something that renewed me somewhat from the (perhaps gullible or gobble) decision that I made last week. (see previous post).

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