Nov 04 2012

Time Watch

Feel but do not look!

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to move back time? Well, the answer is yes but you always have to bring it forward again (in short pulses). Kat has recovered from the recent surgery but now she is having concerns with her eyes again. You figure that!It is very hard to get away with having kidney disease and not have issues with the eyes (see previous posts). Kat  has to go back to her eye doctor every three months for injections (yuk alert!) in the eye to stop her own blood vessels from taking over. Obviously, it is no fun. This time her appointment is about two weeks away and she is already having sight issues. I really do not like looking for her clothes or guiding her to her seat. It is time-consuming enough that I have to set up video tapes for her to watch (yes, watch, see another previous post) because she refuses to memorize the remote control (except for the Ok button). It amazes me that not long ago these little things were easy for both of us while we were both healthy and working yet now these details can not be ignored. This brings it to a discussion I had today with Kat. You see she is very stubborn and stuck to her (healthy) past. She needed to realize that those days are gone and deal with the now and what might be her future. Actually, this may be the thousandth discussion (more of a battle) to convince her of this situation. This time she did not realize (until I highlighted it) that she gave me an opening! During the discussion she listened to her watch for the time. Yes, she listened, not even trying to see the watch! How did she do this? The answer was that I bought her a talking watch at a store that specializes in low vision/blind aids for her birthday earlier this year. Kat realized she needs to learn and improve her listening (not just hearing) and touch senses over her weakening vision. She agreed to gradually start listening to free books on tape which can soon be downloaded to a digital player instead of those bulky cassettes they had from the libraries. She also says she may attempt Itune books and podcasts (especially if they have Doctor Who episodes). Finally, she listened! Oh, I still have to call to get the updated digital player – just another little thing. Also, she asked me, after connecting the dialysis machine and saying good night, to reset her watch back!

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