Mar 17 2013

Time Frame: The Long Wait

Yesterday, I had to wait again for Kat to get a shot at the clinic. It was a longer wait than usual and strangely it reminded me (or jumped out like a coiled snake) of the first time I spent waiting in the hospital for Kat to stabilize. It was when we first discovered she had kidney disease. I remembered it as one long mystery. At the time I felt helpless and lost. I did not know if Kat would stay alive and my whole world froze. It was a nightmare of epic proportions! The wait also reminded me how far we both recovered from this initial experience. For example, I remembered sitting and sitting trying to comprehend “if I can get out of this place of screaming patients, sad faces, and endless boredom” and if I did, what will I be able to do with my life next?  At the time, I had no plans and as much as I tried neither did I have any answers. Unfortunately, it took quite a long time before Kat and I were able to get out of what I called “The Long Wait”. I say it took a little over three years and as soon as Kat went on peritoneal dialysis. Today, Kat is able to walk on nature trails (slowly) and even though Kat is still a ‘full time job’ I still find time writing here and creating photos and designs. It is just another time frame! 

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Richard Klein

Founding Member of Prismhawk LLC an online publish company dedicated to sharing learning experiences in language arts, nature, and care giving. Richard lives with his wife Kat. He has worked for over 20 years in customer and technical services. Richard has BA's in English Education and Literature, he also minored in Biological Science. His favorite videos are It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Avatar. He is also a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.

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