Feb 28 2013

The Mathematics of Reading Minds

CannyDarn, these super powers! I came home very late Saturday after spending hours at my parents-in-laws house discussing everything from the statistics of gun control to Kat’s shoes (which is still out there somewhere, see previous posts). Monday I played taxi driver for my parents-in-law while they, precisely to the day, brought their car in for maintenance. It was difficult because both Kat and her mother were very moody. I wisely did not blame her mother much (except her misguided opinion on the possibility of adopting another cat from a friend in crisis). However, Kat was just not cooperative with anyone!  I told her she should have a small snack just in case lunch is delayed, but she refused to believe that she may have to wait in the car while her mother stood in line waiting for the technician to arrive. Which even surprised me that it was exactly what happened! It was almost an hour when her mother jumped into the back seat of my car. So, Kat being diabetic was miscible. Things got worse, Kat would not tell us what she wanted for lunch and as happens on occasion it is like “trying to pull teeth” to get her in on any conversation!  I really loathe this type of behavior from Kat (when this occurs) because if she will not tell me how she feels what can I do to help her! It also seems to take awhile for her parents to equate the inherent danger of it all. If this was an important health issue and Kat can not or will not express this to me as her care giver then it could have serious consequences. Her parents can continue to beg Kat (when they finally figure out the situation) but I may not have such time for this type of mathematics! Sorry, I do make quick attempts to read minds (with my superhero powers, of course!)  but do you think or trust my ability to know exactly what is in your mind? No! And Kat should know not to take this risk either! “Danger Will Robinson!”

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