Jan 03 2013

Quiet Year Ahead?

Kat went to the clinic today which reminds me that last month we went to a Christmas party after Kat got poked and prodded by the nurse (pain before pleasure!)  We had a very good time talking to several people. Kat was the most willing to talk and enjoy the experience than she has been for awhile now. It helped that one couple had cats! It gave Kat the opportunity to tell her pet stories (she just seems to have thousnads, check out www.earthreveal.com for some of them.). One of the couples we met told us that they too was surprised by a sudden diagnoses. The wife was working when she suddenly collapsed. The next day she woke up in her bed and was told about having kidney disease. She was confused and furious but her husband, a half native american and former Hollywood stunt man) took charge and quickly learned how to be a good Care Giver. The only difference between us was he was already retired and she actually had much more complications than Kat had. I was surprised to find out that she was actually five years younger than Kat. I thought with all her issues and the way she looked she was at least twenty years older (seventies). Ironically, her husband was much older than I realized! Well, we did not just talk about medical issuses  but natuive american craft work, my shamanistic beliefs, his most unusual stunts, and writing of these posts to help other Care Givers. Oh, Kat was late for another injection because we did not finsih our conversation with the couple until 45 minutes after the party ended. I hope we met them again, but at least we had a very good time for a change. Maybe this will be a good foreshadow of things to come. Keep Your Fingers crossed! We also had a pleasant New Years, so I hope we have a quiet year ahead of us (we shall see!).

Update from a tweet I sent during the holidays: Kat is eating her Greek Yougart! No more susauge almost every morning!

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