Nov 01 2012

Out and into the Garden

Happy after a walk to the mailbox!

Good news this week (yeah!), Kat took a huge step out of her recovery from surgery. What happened is we went to her kidney doctor last week with the concerns that I mentioned in some of my last posts. He was so worried that he said if Kat did not improve more (than she was) that she may have an unknown infection and most likely be brought back into the hospital! We even set up an appointment for this Monday. Fortunately, all of Kat’s vitals did improved and are (remember those with kidney disease can change their status anytime) now stable. In fact, after walking together to our mail box and around the lake in our complex, it was obvious, I cancelled the appointment. This was important because the very next day was our Anniversary! It was a difficult decision but we both really wanted to get away and have fun. After all, both of us love nature and sitting inside the house (even watching nature programs on television) for too long is just plain - horrible (sorry, I had to get a Halloween reference – but really Kat’s recovery was a nightmare!). I do have a fondness for the theme of out of darkness and shadows comes light and beauty. So, we went on a trip to our public garden. It was cool (some say cold for Florida) that day so Kat was feeling happy and refreshed as we went on a trail that had several colorful flowers, butterflies, and a natural sinkhole. Kat is unusual because she insisted on several photos of the sinkhole! Well, maybe she just wanted to metaphorically remember how her health climbed outof its own!

Kat’s Colorful Return

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