Dec 15 2012

One moment, Please!

It was a horrible moment in US history and I am angry about how anyone can be raised not to have any empathy towards others. I am talking about the insane killer who murdered innocent children in Connecticut today. It demonstrated a lack of better gun control and a strong system of mental health in this country. Additionally, as I stride to do in this blog, is to point out heroism in what happened. Unfortunately, there really was very little! I liked that some of the teachers did a good job in controlling their class while the event was ongoing. I understand them because I was a substitute teacher for many years and I remember the many practice drills. Also, I meet many incredible teachers that work wonders for their students. It is sad to see these under rated individuals targeted by a deranged individual. I have to ask why? This event just makes me very emotional and if I was not working as a hero for my wife, Kat,  I would imagine taking a time machine to the moment of this and defending both these teachers and the students. Worst yet the principal’s last tweet was that of asking everyone to attend a Christmas concert. Well, now none of the victims can have a good time, especially if they are no longer in time! (as we know it)-  not alive!  Let this be a wake up call to take care of individuals more carefully in this country so that we all can enjoy our lives in this world. Be Good!

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Richard Klein

Founding Member of Prismhawk LLC an online publish company dedicated to sharing learning experiences in language arts, nature, and care giving. Richard lives with his wife Kat. He has worked for over 20 years in customer and technical services. Richard has BA's in English Education and Literature, he also minored in Biological Science. His favorite videos are It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Avatar. He is also a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.


  1. Carol Gibson

    The sad thing to me is that nothing will change because of this tragedy. People will be outraged and then things will go back to normal. There will be no meaningful discussion of gun control or improving mental health.

    1. Richard Klein

      Exactly, if the country somehow keeps up the pressure on our ineffective politicians, maybe they may get the gith ideas in their small heads!

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