May 16 2013

ICU Update: Inner Strength

Kat remains in the ICU which obviously is playing on my emotions this week. There are days were I am afraid of any little twitch or cough that she makes or an ICU alarm blasting from a monitor, or when the doctors disturb my sleep to ask me if a certain procedure they which to perform is acceptable. I also had feelings of guilt and asked myself what I did wrong in taking care of her (or what was the cause?). I also had to calm family nerves which I can only imply here (Sorry, I promised!). Anyway, as of today Kat continues to improve, however, she was more lethargic than yesterday. Her nurse put back the air mask just in case. She told me also that Kat has proven to have a sleeping/breathing disorder that I never knew she had although Kat always asked for her over the counter inhaler before she went to bed. So, Kat continues to follow her nurses instructions and has opened her eyes several times today. The surgeons did not have to do any more blood drains or breathing procedures, however she has a temporary feeding tube ironically attached to her stomach opposite her peritoneal exit site for kidney dialysis. And Yes, she is still getting kidney dialysis every night! Although the neurosurgeons were thinking that a direct line to her circulatory system would take out her toxins better. My guess is that her body is used to the more gentle approach that peritoneal provides. Hemodialysis or similar method is much more drastic, which would weaken all her other vital functions such as blood pressure. Again, I am not a doctor but I have learned so much in the last few years it almost feels that I should try for a degree. Yet, I was also pleased and agreed with her doctors at the ICU for taking the time to observe her recovery from comatose to awareness before once again sedating Kat for the full intense scan that was (mentioned for Wednesday) . It has been rescheduled for an unknown time tomorrow. The scan definitively exhibits how Kat’s brain is functioning and if more surgery is necessary. It also has the most risk but less than the first time she had it nine days ago. Also, as some of Kat’s friends have commented  Kat has surprising inner strength and willingness to live (although she would never admit it). Again, I will update via twitter and post on this blog if my emotions do not get in the way. I am sure Kat thanks you for your support!

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Richard Klein

Founding Member of Prismhawk LLC an online publish company dedicated to sharing learning experiences in language arts, nature, and care giving. Richard lives with his wife Kat. He has worked for over 20 years in customer and technical services. Richard has BA's in English Education and Literature, he also minored in Biological Science. His favorite videos are It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Avatar. He is also a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.

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