Nov 15 2012

Efficiency Test

I hope now that since the election is over that we voted for government efficiency that will improve everyone’s lives (without the political fights such as the two month old Benghazi issue which has been raised stronger after the election just today instead of going away.) Our vote was cast but I guess some people have to test  the country’s resolve (Wait! We just had the test, the election?!) This worries me and brings me closer to my own personal situation. You see, as a kidney patient that uses the peritoneal method of dialysis, Kat has to visit a clinic once a month for blood work which in a week the kidney doctor reviews. Also, every three months she has to take an efficiency test. The test is to see how well the dialysis is removing the toxins and is a way to measure if peritoneal is working! So, to me this is always scary because if the test results are too low then Kat could have to go back to the dreaded hemodialysis that most patients are on. The issues here are many such as Kat could go back to staying in bed most everyday (similar to her post surgery recovery posted on this blog) and even more memory issues. I can again play the ‘superhero’ by taking her to the clinic every three days were she would sit for hours not noticing that other patients looked even more comatose (or are they Zombies!) than her. As you can see I hated the notion of the hemodialysis method and what it does to people – it is toxic!. Kat still has many issues but she can make short trips to the store without waiting in the car if she chooses too (and if she waited too long she could use the phone). She can enjoy a walk (with my assistance) to the mailbox (which in our building complex is actually 3 buildings away, I did not plan this!) I seen patients on hemodialysis finish their session and brought back home via an ambulance. So, every three months I worry if I would have to take care for her again in such a depressing lifestyle caused by an inefficient treatment of her disease. I voted to move forward …

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Richard Klein

Founding Member of Prismhawk LLC an online publish company dedicated to sharing learning experiences in language arts, nature, and care giving. Richard lives with his wife Kat. He has worked for over 20 years in customer and technical services. Richard has BA's in English Education and Literature, he also minored in Biological Science. His favorite videos are It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Avatar. He is also a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.

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