Feb 10 2013

Sole Responsibility

So far Kat is behaving about staying off her feet. She has not mentioned walking outside the house. Ironically, my heal was in pain for a few days. I think I stepped on one of Kat’s plastic fluid replacement caps for her dialysis. This is why I went to get Dr.Scholl’s  -so I am “gellin” as I write this. Anyway, it was fun (sarcastic) to do all the cooking and serving her while using one of her canes to get around the house. It shows just some of the heroic nature that goes into care giving, yet it also reminds me the importance of staying healthy as a care giver as well. Sometimes I over look that if I am not able to perform my tasks Kat would be in big trouble. This is also why I have convinced her to go (eventually) back to classes for the blind. I think if she gains more independence the better Kat may be able to handle some of her own dialysis tasks, if absolutely necessary. Could this be wishful thinking?

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Richard Klein

Founding Member of Prismhawk LLC an online publish company dedicated to sharing learning experiences in language arts, nature, and care giving. Richard lives with his wife Kat. He has worked for over 20 years in customer and technical services. Richard has BA's in English Education and Literature, he also minored in Biological Science. His favorite videos are It's a Wonderful Life, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and Avatar. He is also a huge Doctor Who and Star Trek fan.

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