Feb 07 2013

Walk Reset

A follow up to my last post was that I took Kat to her eye doctor’s office but she was not available. We went back the next day and waited for four hours before we saw the emergency eye specialist who told us that Kat’s eye was about normal (for her) with the exception of beingĀ a little drier. It was very annoying to stay that long to find out this result but I guess it could have been worse! So, what was the issue last week? I am still not sure – possible combination of factors that included the eyes I guess. One of them was still her insistence that she is not walking enough even when I previously made an agreement to do so. Ironically, yesterday after years of stubbornness (it seems that I say this a lot in this blog) Kat went to a podiatrist about the ugly black scabs on her foot (very dangerous for diabetics and Kidney patients) and was told to remain off her feet for at least two weeks. Well, she did get some very nice and supportive new shoes for when she would be able to walk again. This not only repairs her (“we will rebuild you”) or prepares Kat for more walks to the mail box but also in the spring when we plan on taking more nature walks. I love these walks because we relax, explore, and enjoy each other more. Anyway, I have sympathy pains for her today, I had difficulty walking on my heal. I guess it is one my heroic powers!

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Richard Klein

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  1. Myra Carter Symons

    There was something going around with the eyes a couple of weeks ago. Allegra and moisturizing eye drops helped me. I also see the podiatrist. I’m supposed to wear shoes around the house. And don’t. What is the carpet FOR anyway? I had a toe nail surgury and it was 6 weeks healing, now he has fired me so I don’t have to go back until something suspicious happens.

    1. Richard Klein

      I’m not sure but did you actually got fired because your boss had no patience while your toe was recovering? Some hero! I am sorry to hear it. And I thought walking on carpets was healthy not evil! I guess I just have to find some slippers (unless the foot doctors do not like that either)? Anyway, Myra thank you for your comments and I am glad to hear from you again. I will tell Kat!

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